Bunna is a new African platform that is being progressively developed for the diaspora to connect with the homeland. Many Africans who have migrated or relocated to other parts of the world would need so much information, as they have so many questions – but one is not sure who to ask. They need to find somewhere to live, open a bank account, set up your internet connection – but they’re still getting used to the local language and culture. And most of all, they want to meet others who understand their situation, who share their interests and hobbies – other like-minded, new friends.


How do you create a great experience and a trusted community where the professional African diaspora feel at home around the world.


An online platform based on the concept which helps professional African diaspora members feel at home around the world.

From the moment they decide to move abroad until they’ve settled in and beyond – we want to make sure that they can enjoy their overseas experience to the fullest! Wherever in the world life takes them, the buna Communities would help them feel at home.

Inter diaspora connections within every global city and beyond

  • Network with interesting, African diaspora community members both online and offline
  • Build ones own network of like minded,  no matter where they live
  • Get in touch with people who share similar interests and experiences
  • Join exciting events to meet fellow expats
  • Get tips and information about their destination


Our advance research-based iterative prototyping approach indicated that as one of the largest diaspora community for African people who live and work abroad, Buna could offer local as well as global networking opportunities, local events, and emigrant-relevant information. Estimated at around 4,000 monthly events and activities, African diaspora members get to meet fellow internationals in their city, while forums and destination guides provide valuable tips and information. To ensure the quality of the network, Buna membership will be by approval only.

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