Starting a business? Then this package is for you.

Operational matter are central issue at this stage.

When you are growing your business, there are always new challenges. Such as finding the right people, improving processes, accessing the right type of finance, breaking into new markets and developing new ideas. This package will give you all the tools and coaching required to help you achieve your goals.

It is aimed at bringing a fresh perspective in order to mirror your company’s activity in a systematic manner. For such objective, we study the market, your product service, business model and all variables comprising current areas of activity.We undertake business model optimisation, business health check, market analysis and positioning, relationship with all stakeholders, website re-design, culminating in revitalizing of your product service and or company.Throughout the project we will help you build, test and intensively scale your project so that at the end of the process, your company is better geared to handle the increasing demands.

Our consultants will assist by focusing attention and invest 60% of time and effort on fine tuning the business operations and admin while focussing 40% of your time and effort on Branding and Customer acquisition.

Suitable for businesses requiring operational upgrade

1. Quick MOT
2. Business Coaching & Model
3. Business Plan
4. Operational Assessment
5. Re/design brand Identity
6. Re/design Website
7. Marketing Strategy