Google Garage

The Digital Garage is a non-profit learning programme delivering digital skills via online resources.

The FREE platform is available worldwide and provides individuals with personalized training plans to learn new and improve their existing digital skills.

How does Digital Garage work?

When you sign up, you’ll have access to a personalised dashboard from which you can set goals and manage your chosen courses. The interactive dashboard will track your progress and will help keep you motivated and on track.

What courses can I do?

All of them, there are no limits! There are 89 free online lessons on a wide range of digital subjects including social media management, display advertising, web analytics and e-commerce – the possibilities are endless!

How are the courses run?

All the courses have interactive videos with ‘key learnings’ and are followed by quizzes. The videos are conducted from everyday experts, and there is the opportunity for face-to-face training and mentoring.

The Digital Garage provides a practical learning experience that you can apply to help your business grow and succeed within the ever-growing digital industry. Complete all the topics and get yourself a certification

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July 7, 2018