Acudemy is global training provider based across the UK that specialises in accredited and bespoke training courses.


Creativeonestop was tasked with brand strategy and Improving customer experience.


Increased overall search results and coursebookings by 65% at Acudemy, a training provider based throughout the UK. In delivering an end-to-end transformation of their technology and customer experience by taking a strategic, user-centric approach.Developed a digital strategy to envision and deliver the journey from the current state to the desired future state which, guided the design of service artefacts and a new website.


Worked extensively on the UX and information Architecture.

  • Carried out a breakthrough brand building exercise consisting all stakeholders.
  • Planned both short and long term digital strategy.
  • A new identity and positioning was launched around the tagline ‘our courses, your future’.
  • Create a brand portfolio strategy that yields synergy and clarity.
  • Consulting internal team to generate content and build brand assets from the inside.
  • Created a training manual while proving a workshop and training the training on how to maintain long term brand relevance.
  • Devised integrated marketing communication (IMC).

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