Acudemy is a training provider based in Central London that specialises in accredited and bespoke training courses. Popular courses covered include accounting & finance, sales & marketing & project management.

C1S was tasked to help with branding and support the ambitions of Acudemy - Training strategic business startup venture and further assist implement an effective marketing strategy.


A business's brand is so much more than its logo or the products it sells. Its brand is its entire business. It’s the reason you exist, its USPs, the people who work there and the experience it offers to clients or customers. However, like many startups Acudemy - Training we had to explore from grounds up a brand portfolio strategy that yields synergy and clarity through a collaborative process with the team.

We need to define what the business wants to achieve and why. We need to understand how the teams currently work together, corporate structures and what their potential customers and clients think of your business.

We looked at their competitors and trends across the industry and markets.

Together we explored what makes the business idea unique, what you could or should possibly be doing differently, and how to express that to the world?


  • Drafted a compelling vision.
  • Carried out a breakthrough brand building exercise consisting all stakeholders.
  • Planned both short and long term digital strategy.
  • A new identity and positioning was launched around the tag line ‘our courses, your future’.
  • Create a brand portfolio strategy that yields synergy and clarity.
  • Consulting internal team to generate content and build brand assets from the inside.
  • Created a training manual while proving a workshop and training the training on how to maintain long term brand relevance.
  • Devised integrated marketing communication (IMC).


A significant increase in turnover year on year and an ambition to have a 40% growth by 2020. The new online platform is now used by over 750 UK and overseas students and also growing.

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