Branding strategies are probably the last thing one thinks about when they make music. Hence, employing the right mix of experts was vital in helping Abby Lakew successfully release her popular album.

AYMPRO - A music management company working with Abby Lakew, who is a highly successful African artist and nominated for Best Traditional Female Artist at the 2016 Kora All-Africa Music Awards, asked us to partner with them to rebrand and redesign her brand Identity and digital transformation.


Rebranding and redesigning a log and website for already established singer, artist or musician requires a highly effective music branding strategy. This involved creating and synchronising brand assets consisting strong logo, professional looking responsive website, socials sites while leveraging on her continued success.


Creating content and implementing your brand throughout.

  • Helping discover the brand’s voice
  • Redesign the brand Identity
  • Redesign an effective website
  • Create content including social media
  • Help find the aesthetic
  • Help make the brand memorable
  • Synchronise the website, Youtube channel and social media
  • Integrate Google analytics and timely reports.


Better brand efficiency and effectiveness in terms of recognition

Access to quantitative and qualitative insights with Google analytics integration of modern statistics.

Improved ROI 1200%: The success of the album titled Yene Habesha has been viewed 42 million times helping to increase subscribers numbers from 13540 to 148,000 and growing.

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