Mosob Restaurant is a well-known dining establishment with a rich history, having been in business for 15 years. Recently, new management took over the restaurant with the goal of continuing the family legacy with renewed energy. They approached us for help with branding, website design, and business strategy to help bring the restaurant back to its former glory.

Starting with the branding, our team worked closely with the restaurant to understand their history and what made them unique. We created a new visual identity that honored their legacy while also capturing the energy and enthusiasm of the new management. We also developed messaging that accurately reflected their commitment to serving the best food and providing an exceptional dining experience.

Next, we designed and built a new website that showcased the restaurant's history, menu, and events. The website was modern and user-friendly, making it easy for customers to learn more about the restaurant and make a reservation.

Finally, we worked with the management team to develop a new business strategy. We assessed their strengths and weaknesses and provided recommendations for improving their operations and reaching new customers. Our team also provided guidance on how to effectively market the restaurant and create a strong online presence.

The result of our work was a revitalized Mosob Restaurant, with a new brand and image that accurately reflected their legacy and commitment to excellence. The website was attracting new customers and helping the restaurant reach new audiences, and the business strategy was improving operations and helping the restaurant achieve its goals.

We are proud to have partnered with Mosob Restaurant and to have supported their efforts to continue the family legacy. Our efforts helped the restaurant restart their business with new vigor and energy, allowing them to serve their customers and communities for many years to come.


  • Increased bookings by 115% - after working closely with the design research team to run ethnography studies which unearthed opportunities and insights into the userneeds to give direction on the content strategy and develop a new website.
  • High interactivity: 40% of recipients opened the email
  • High response rate: 56 bookings made directly through the website and 50 vouchers collected in the restaurant. This resulted in a 100% return on investment
  • Strong viral marketing: 335 emails forwarded to friends
  • Newsletter template available for future ‘flash sales’ at a lower cost than initial setup, and therefore resulting in a higher ROI going forwards

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