Service Design

What and the How to deliver service.

Dramatically improving the interaction between clients and their customers

Whether you need to design a new workspace or workflow, or optimise an existing one, C1S provide the perfect blend of front-office and back-office design to create an optimal experience for your team and your customers. Our Service Design team map the current state of organisation, communication, material interfaces, and technical infrastructure as it pertains to your customer; identify pains and gains throughout the process and design and deliver related solutions for new and improved space.

We work extensively with the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is constantly changing and with the current trends of vegan menus and the rise of the delivery market it is crucial for businesses to assess their service setup for optimum result. For startups we help them map out their journey for setting up the business before and after they start. This is a clear step by step guide to ease the burden of beginning in business.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, design is how it works. — Steve Jobs

Front of house

  • Layout and customer journey

  • Customer service - accessibility, safety such as allergens consideration, review collection.

  • Business presentation and menu design.

Back of house

  1. Kitchen layout - workspace and workflow

  2. Menu engineering - Ingredient listing, costing, pricing and creating a winning formula.

  3. Having the right equipment

This will in turn support the marketing machinery as you will have a setup geared for a professional result.